Hur Company


I will start my rabbit breeding program again in the fall of 2020

Bunnies are priced per pedigree.  They are available after they are 6 weeks old.

Our breeding females-

  • Snuggles- A New Zealand/Lop ear.  She is six years old.

  • Gretel- A black and white Dutch.  She is two years old.

  • Flair-  One of Snuggles daughters, she is a black and white New Zealand/Lop ear and Lionhead/Lop ear cross.  She is one year old.

  • Buster-  One of Snuggles daughters, she is a brown New Zealand/Lop ear and brown Rex cross.  She is one year old.

  • Cheddar-  A brown and white Lop ear.  She is two years old,

Our breeding males- 

  • Biscuit-  A brown Rex
  • Charming- A black and white Lion head/Lop ear mix.
  • Bat Man-  A black Rex

Our animals have been used by professional photographers all over the metroplex!  Contact me for rentals.