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This fruit has so many names!!  Late summer thru the fall (mid August - November) is the only time this fruit is available.  You can place an order anytime throughout the year, but your order will be filled when they are ready to be picked off the tree and shipped within 24 hours. 

Fresh from Texas, these hedge apples can be used in autumn centerpieces, wreaths, or topiary!  These fresh Osage oranges will be a stunning addition to your decor!  They are loved by squirrels & deer.

Our hedge balls range in size from slightly larger than a baseball to as large as a grapefruit!!

​These trees are fast growing and adaptable deciduous native tree that can be grown as a small to medium sized tree with an upright to rounded habit or as a dense impenetrable thorny hedge. The hard strong rot and termite resistant wood was highly prized for fence posts and tool handles and was used by some Native Americans as bow wood and so it earned the name of Bois d'Arc.

The Osage Orange is dioecious, meaning that male and female flowers are produced on separate trees. The small, green flowers appear in May or June. Female trees produce 3-to 5-inch diameter fruit which ripen in September or October and fall to the ground. Our trees are naturally grown on over 184 acres.

​The Osage-orange is native to a small area in eastern Texas, southeastern Oklahoma, and southwestern Arkansas. This region is the home of the Osage Indians which gives the tree its common name. Settlers found that the Osage-orange transplanted easily, tolerated poor soils, extreme heat, and strong winds and had no serious insect or disease problems. It was widely planted in the Midwest as a living fence because, when pruned into a hedge, it provided an impenetrable barrier to livestock. The development of barbed wire curtailed its widespread planting, but many Osage-orange trees can still be found in fence rows.

Osage Orange is tolerant of drought, extended flooding, moderately tolerant of salts, and is virtually pest and disease free. Extremely adaptable to soil types. Osage Orange can be used in urban settings as well as for soil erosion.

​The wood is extremely hard, heavy, durable and shrinks or swells little compared to the wood of other trees. The wood is used for fence posts, treenails, furniture, and archery bows. In fact, many archers consider the wood of the Osage-orange to be the world's finest wood for bows. Another common name for this tree, bodark, is from the French bios d'arc meaning "bow wood." This tree also produces a bright yellow dye which can be extracted from the wood.

Hedge apples have been used for insect control.  It is claimed that by placing hedge apples around the foundation or inside the basement they will repel or control insects.  Iowa State University toxicologists extracted compounds from hedge apples and these compounds were found to repel insects.

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  • Small fruit come in boxes of 6 for $24, shipping included.
  • Medium fruit come in boxes of 6 for $36, shipping included.
  • Large fruit come in boxes of 4 for $28, shipping included.

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Returns are not available for hedge apples. They are available while the fruit is fresh on the tree.

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