We have a wide assortment of birds, including-

Chickens (Bantam, Cochins, Fizzles, Silkies, Standard-Pullets and Hens)

  • Americana ("Easter Egg" chickens) Colored eggs

  • Anconas

  • Barred Rocks (Brown eggs)

  • Black Australorps

  • Sex Links (Brown eggs)

  • Blue Andalusians (white or slightly tinted eggs)

  • Blue Hamburgs (white eggs)

  • Buff Orpingtons (light brown eggs)

  • Buff Rocks

  • Buff Catalanas (Cream or tinted eggs)

  • Wyandottes (Brown eggs)

  • Brahmas (Brown eggs)

  • Mottled Javas (Brown eggs)

  • New Hampshire Reds (Brown eggs)

  • Production Reds (Brown eggs)

  • Rhode Island Reds (Brown eggs)

  • ​AND MORE!!!
  • Roosters are available


  • Wide variety including crested and runners.  Sold out


  • French, Lavender, Pearl, Pied, and White. Sold out


  • These geese are excellent for weeding the garden.  Rental for geese to clean and weed your garden is $50​ per day. Sold out


  • Coming soon 

Non GMO and Non Soy Eggs from hens who freely roam pasture $8 per dozen. Duck eggs $10 per dozen.  Guinea eggs $12 per dozen. Fertile hatching eggs $8 per dozen or FREE to teachers and students!  FREE hatching eggs for schools or homeschoolers.

We offer chicken hatching eggs FREE to teachers and students that want to participate in this wonderful learning experience. Use your own equipment or rent a hatching package from HurFreshStartFarms.com All chicks hatched are to be returned to our farm within 7 days of hatching. If equipment is rented, everything must be returned within 7 days as well.

Click here- E-635-Hatching-Eggs-in-the-Classroom-A-Teachers-Guide.pdf   to learn more about hatching your own eggs.

Teacher ID required for free eggs. Supplies are limited.

Hatching packets include 12 fertile eggs, LED candler, a 12 egg automatic incubator, brooding box, warming light, waterer, shavings and feed for 7 days. $150 rental fee.

Hatching eggs are available at $8 per dozen. No specific breeds available.

PHOTOGRAPHERS- Do you need animals for your photos?  Getting ready for Easter pictures? Do you need babies? I rent ducklings, chicks, bunnies, and baby goats! GREAT for your photos.

**No refunds on bird purchases, but I will accept returns or exchanges.**

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