Hur Company

We have a wide assortment of birds, including-

Chickens (Bantam, Cochins, Fizzles, Silkies, Standard-Pullets and Hens)

  • Americana ("Easter Egg" chickens) Colored eggs

  • Anconas

  • Barred Rocks (Brown eggs)

  • Black Australorps

  • Sex Links (Brown eggs)

  • Blue Andalusians (white or slightly tinted eggs)

  • Blue Hamburgs (white eggs)

  • Buff Orpingtons (light brown eggs)

  • Buff Rocks

  • Buff Catalanas (Cream or tinted eggs)

  • Wyandottes (Brown eggs)

  • Brahmas (Brown eggs)

  • Mottled Javas (Brown eggs)

  • New Hampshire Reds (Brown eggs)

  • Production Reds (Brown eggs)

  • Rhode Island Reds (Brown eggs)

  • ​AND MORE!!!
  • Roosters are available

Hur Fresh Start Farms is now part of  Z-Z Ranch!!

Kimberley married Don Zachary on December 18, 2015. 



  • Wide variety including crested and runners.  Sold out


  • French, Lavender, Pearl, Pied, and White. Sold out


  • These geese are excellent for weeding the garden.  Rental for geese to clean and weed your garden is $50​ per day. Sold out


  • Coming soon 

Assorted chicken eggs $5 per dozen. Duck eggs $8 per dozen.  Guinea eggs $12 per dozen. Fertile hatching eggs $8 per dozen or FREE to teachers and students!  FREE hatching eggs for schools or homeschoolers.

I am offering 12 chicken hatching eggs FREE to teachers and students that want to participate in this wonderful learning experience. Use your own equipment or rent a hatching package from All chicks that are hatched are to be returned to my farm within 7 days of hatching. If equipment is rented, everything must be returned within 7 days as well.

Do a Google search for- " E-635-Hatching-Eggs-in-the-Classroom-A-Teachers-Guide.pdf " 
to learn more about hatching your own eggs.

Teacher ID required for free eggs. Supplies are limited.

Hatching packets include 12 fertile eggs, LED candler, a 12 egg automatic incubator, brooding box, warming light, waterer, shavings and feed for 7 days. $150 rental fee.

Hatching eggs are available at $8 per dozen. No specific breeds available.

PHOTOGRAPHERS- Do you need animals for your photos?  Getting ready for Easter pictures? Do you need babies? I rent ducklings, chicks, bunnies, and baby goats! GREAT for your photos.

**No refunds on bird purchases, but I will accept returns or exchanges.**